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Tummy Tox

Tummy Tox

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Need a quick fix? Try our 1, 3, or 7 day detox. Tummy Tox is caffeine, gluten and GMO free. This product stimulates your body for a natural cleanse. Tummy Tox will suppress your appetite to help you lose weight faster. Combined with exercise, healthy diet, and use of our KURVED products, Tummy Tox will have you feeling energized and kurved like you desire to be.


Tummy Tox can promote:

Weight Loss*

Clean Colon*

Boost Energy*

Healthy Digestive System*

Reduce Bloating*


    Can drink up to 12 oz per day.

    Chill and shake well before drinking.

    May add fruit to enrich the taste.

    Drink on empty stomach (2 hours before or after eating)

    We encourage the use of vitamins (multivitamins) while using this product.


    cherry tart; magnesium citrate; prune juice

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