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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I make a paint reservation?

To reserve a seat for one of our open sessions, you can book online. Go to our booking page here, find the time and date you would like to attend, click "BOOK NOW" and complete the booking form. Your reservation isn't complete until you have submitted your payment and receive a confirmation email. If your requested time is not available, we will contact you will your closest options. We accept all major credit cards and buy now pay later options. If you have any trouble booking, give us a call at 682-235-7343 and we can get you booked over the phone. Please note, due to limited seating, we cannot guarantee you a seat unless you are booked and paid for.

Can I bring the kiddos?
Yes! .. but not to our evening classes. Our evening classes are for ages 18+. We have plenty family friendly classes. You are solely responsible for any damages caused by children. Babies and toddlers are not permitted. Recommended age is 6+ depending on the painting. Check out our calendar for available days and times. We are also happy to host kid's parties. Birthdays, Girl Scouts, Sports Teams etc. Visit our Private Party page or contact us for more details.

All of our evening painting classes are for adults only. All kids classes and parties must end by 6pm. Our 7pm times are reserved for adults only. Please remember, for some of our guest, this is a rare night out - away from the kids. We want all of our guests to enjoy their date night or just a fun night out with adults We do not allow babies or children under the age of 18 to attend our adult classes.

How can I be sure our group sits together in a session?
If you are meeting friends, but booking separately, be sure to let us know who you are meeting. Just provide the name(s) of people you are meeting on your booking form. This way we know you are all together and can seat you all together. We do set up our seating according to our bookings before class. If we do not know who you are meeting, we will not know to seat you together.

What is open paint and how does it work?
During our open paint sessions, you choose any one of our 2 hour paintings from our gallery. You will have two hours from your scheduled time to paint.

*Helpful Tip: Check out our gallery ahead of time to pick a painting so you already know when you arrive. Adding your painting choices to your booking form (or email or text us) will give us the chance to set up your chosen painting and supplies before you arrive. This will give you more time to paint. Highly recommended for large groups!

This is also a time for artist to come in and create their own original works of art. We provide the supplies and studio space. If you have any special requests or need more than two hours, contact us for more info and additional pricing.

Can I book now and pay later?
During this time of COVID-19, we do require everyone to pay at the time of booking. We do offer payment options such as Klarna, Sezlle, and afterpay! We are currently operating at a lower capacity to allow for social distancing. This means our classes are much more likely to sell out. With very limited seating, we can only guarantee you a seat once it is paid for. We also ask that you book ahead of time so we know how many painters we will have for class. This lets us know how many assistants we need and set up for our sessions before you arrive. 

Do you have cups or corkscrews?
Yes, we have glass wine cups. We do not have bottle openers, cork screws, ice, or plastic cups available for use during sessions. You are more than welcome to bring your own cooler to class. Please make sure your cooler or ice bag is leak proof.

When do you host private events?
We host private events 6 days a week! We start as early as 10am or as late as 7pm.

Party Time Slots:

10am - Noon

1pm - 3pm

4pm - 6pm

7pm - 9pm

Latest time for kids parties is 4pm - 6pm. After 6pm, our studio is for ages 18+ only.

Call, email or fill out our booking request form to check availability and pricing.

How do I book a party?
First, we want to be sure your date and time is available. You can call/text us, email or fill out our "Party Request Form". Let us know your date, time, number of guests you are expecting and type of celebration. The more info we know, the better we can help! 

Once we have made sure your date/time is available we can book your event. We do require a $100 deposit to secure your time and date. We will get your contact info and payment, then add you to our calendar of events.

If your guests are paying for themselves, we will provide a link where they can RSVP and book their seat. 

Is there a discount for kids?
We do offer a discounted price per painter for kid's parties with our smaller canvas option. Our smaller canvases are recommended for our younger guests and/or if you want more non-painting time for cake and presents. Kids party times start at 10am, all are 2 hour time frames, last time slot for kids is 4pm (party must be wrapped by 6pm)

Do I get my deposit back?
Yes, your deposit is refunded after your party as long as you have met our refund requirements.

You must meet the minimum number of guests, stay within your scheduled party time, there is no excessive clean up needed and no damage is done. 

If your party runs over the scheduled time, there will be a charge of $50 for the first 30 mins, $100 for an hour taken from the deposit. Please ask your guests to arrive at least 15 minutes before your party is scheduled to start. This helps us start your party on time and stay on schedule.

Can I book the party room for a small group?
Yes! Our party room is amazing and great for a more intimate party. Maybe you want a fabulous party for two. Please contact us for rates and availability.

What if my guest arrive late?
Please ask your guests to arrive at least 15 minutes before your party is scheduled to start. This helps us start your party on time and stay on schedule. We must start all parties no later than 10 minutes after your scheduled start time. Late guests are still welcome, but we can not guarantee they will have time to finish their paintings.

You are welcome to arrive 15 minutes early to set up food/drinks and decorate. If you need more time please coordinate with us prior to your party. Your guests are welcomed to arrive any time within that 15 minute window as well. Our paintings and parties are designed to give you and your guests time to eat, drink, paint and celebrate within the scheduled two hours.

If your party runs over the scheduled time, there will be a charge of $50 for the first 30 mins, $100 for an hour taken from the deposit. If there is another party scheduled after yours, we must end on time.

If we start late can we end late?
No. Our parties must stay on schedule. We often have parties scheduled throughout the day. We only have a 30 minute window to clean up after your party is scheduled to end before the next party host arrives to set up for their party. If there is no party after yours, we still must end on time. Our staff is scheduled according to our parties.

Please remember we are a family owned business and our parties are priced to cover staff and expenses for a two hour time frame. We do offer additional party time for an additional fee. $75 for 1 additional hour and $50 for each hour after.

If your party runs over the scheduled time, there will be a charge of $50 for the first 30 mins, $100 for an hour taken from the deposit in order to cover the additional overhead costs.

Please be sure to read our cancellation/reschedule policy regarding paint reservations.

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